I'm looking for a working adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

Could be worst. At least Biden is one step up from Maxine. Lol

Yes, but he's only one heart beat away from handing the reigns over to his VP pick, who will be totally unqualified no matter WHO he picks.
I hear the demonrats are going to run john lewis now because he has more life in him. :ROFLMAO:
Can only imagine the fallout, should the Atlanta "folks" put the sow, Stacey Abrams, in John's place.... :poop:
cm-on tell us how you really feel.
Im in cali and think they wood be great for us taxpayers.

I'd call her the "N" word, but that's too good for her, she's too got damn IGNORANT to be called that.

Inglewood, LA's residents are gullible morons. She's now RICH. Where have the residents of that shit hole area gone in 40 years?
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