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turbo nasty

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Jul 19, 2001
Car craft used to frequently have these lists and I always enjoyed em.
Figured I throw out one.
Make up your own and post it up also

In-You own a Grand National
Out- The Powermaster went out

Out- Axle seal starts leaking
Out- Cross shaft pin in the posi unit is broke
out- Gear oil in your hair
In- Matco tools makes a kit to remove the pin
In- Its back together and u smoke a Trash Talking Lightning at the local hang out.

In- The respect the GN gets right off when pulling up to the track or cruise in.
Out- You get smoked by a Ricer on spray, said he copied the F&F system:eek:
In- The next night the ricers motor is dead from the Spray.
In- Your motor is still running

In- Methanol Injection and 93
In- Car will get squirrely from a 30 roll now that it has the meth injec
Out- Now you really need good tires and traction
In- Mickey Thompson Drag Radials

Out- Racing from a roll
In- Racing from a Dig
In- Winning
Out- Losing either way

In-GM and Mopar

In- Low 12's- high 11's
Out- Thats not fast nowadays on the street

In- Your parts car (rusted out GN) still gets at least 2 buy offers a month.

Out- Your GN bucks at low psi of boost in the middle of a trip and the SES light comes on.
Out- A 5.0 passes and laughs and revs at you on the side of the road while swapping the MAF.
In- You pull the code and then install the spare MAF form the trunk and keep on rolling.
In- 45 minutes later he is at the same gas station as u.
In- Your wife tells you to smoke him because... "That was the jerk that honked at us."
In- Back out on the interstate you race and smoke him.

In- Buick Regal Grand National
Out- The inevitable question...Is that a monte Carlo?

In- A spouse that supports the Motorheadness (lucky for me)
Out- One that does not(my buds not lucky)
I would have to go with

IN: TurboTweak Home

OUT: anything else that doesnt come close

IN: Alkycontrol

OUT: anything else that doesnt come close

IN: 11 second daily driver

OUT: anything else that doesnt come close

IN: Having a fast turbo regal and everyone in town knows it and you

OUT: Somebody who knows the cars, and asks for you to remove the turbo to make the race fair for them???
ADDITION TO THAT: i always say, ill pull the turbo wastegate loose if you pull 2 spark plug wires.

IN: Running the car at the track and getting kicked out for running low 10s with no roll bar
OUT: Getting kicked out for above:biggrin:

IN: Driving my 9 second TR for 150 miles today, still in kill mode;)

OUT: It was kind of hard getting my 2 year old in his car seat b/c of the 6 point roll bar

OUT: Could not stand on it b/c the family was in the car with me

IN: Dropping them off and going back out solo:biggrin: :biggrin: