In need of a 109 engine.


Turbo Spooled by CORN
May 25, 2001
Currently looking for other options if my current block is deemed junk by the machine shop.

Im looking for a 109 bare block .030 or under. Also may consider a stock used short block in good usable condition. Not looking for any fresh or high dollar stuff. Just need something low cost and simple to get a Buick back on the road to sell.

Id prefer something in AZ to keep the transport cost down but may consider SoCal if its exactly what I need.
The block is all ready .040 over. Coolant sat in the cylinders from some idiot import shop that did a head gasket job and didnt seal the intake correctly allowing coolant in. At least thats what I think caused the cylinder wall damage. Deep scoring on the walls. I was thinking a sleeve on that cylinder so I could re-use the .040 over forged pistons but who can I trust local to do that right?

Any shop that can bore a block can sleeve a block. There's no rocket science to it.

If everything else checks out, one sleeve isn't that big of a deal.

Or just hone that hole clean and give me a number and I'll make you a set of slugs at where ever it comes clean at.

If you're other holes are good and the current pistons are good, the sleeve is the quickest and easiest solution. It won't be as good as 6 fresh hones, but still doable.