Infamous PM brake switch leaks... where from?


I think, therefore I am??
May 24, 2001
I swapped the notorious Power Monster out for some vacuum brakes on my 145K mile GN, and was going to use the gray switch for the PM on my WE4, but noticed fluid in the connector area. Is this THE leak? My 60K mile WE4's has a leak around the base where it screws in, but the brakes work fine. Do I possibly just have a bad o-ring on the WE4? Thanks,
There is fluid in there. Just as long as there is none on the outside, you are fine.
Jay, around the base type leaks point towards the o-ring being faulty alright. At the connector indicate the sender is FUBAR. I have a spare sender/grey switch if you would like to try it...sorry for screwing up your time in last issue :D
Thanks for the help guys!

Jim: no prob on the published times, but at least you could have erred in MY favor, like with a 10 second ET or something! ;)

I'll probably try to salvage the o-rings off the GN's switch and see what happens. Thanks for the offer, but I know these things aren't cheap, so I'm not gonna ask you to ship that thing 1500 miles just to try it! Thanks, though!