Powermaster III


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Nov 27, 2022
Hello y’all, I'm new here but looking for some help on my Powermaster III unit on my 92 Regal. I’ve owned this car for about seven years now but haven’t touched it much until now due to the brakes having a pretty good leak. I’ve tried to do some research on this unit but not having much luck. The unit is working like it should I believe besides the fact once it has fluid it leaks every time it pumps up. It will pump up and hold pressure but as soon as I push the brake the motor runs builds pressure then runs about every 3-5 seconds for just a second or 2. Ive tried to look while someone else pressed the brake pedal and it’s leaking around the rear half of the motor/accumulator housing. I pulled the Powermaster unit out yesterday hoping to be able to replace a gasket or something in the rear housing but I found two O-rings in great shape and now I’m questioning where the leak may actually be coming from? I went ahead and resolved the two o-rings but Is it possible it could be getting passed the shaft seal in the motor itself? If so how do I go about finding this seal? Thank you


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Hello, I have a NOS (New Old Stock) in the factory GM Box with part # - Powermaster III accumulator ball if you end up needing one. Thank you.