Info on S&S Turbo Regal


roger e wallace

I have sent you numerous e-mails about my engine parts. Please respond to what your intentions are. Its been over a year since we started this project and doesn't look like you have the health or time to complete it. If you ship the parts that I sent you and the parts that were purchased with the money I sent you last October I will pay the shipping. I am sorry this thing has turnned so negitive. I am sorry your heath and other things have gone so badly for you. But I don't understand way you can't call me or e-mail me your intentions. I am not going to lose those parts, so please respond before more needless money must be spent to end this. Roger Wallace

If anyone out there has any info on whats going on with S&S Turbo Regal (DAVE) please e-mail me. It seems alot of us are looking for parts that were paid for but no response.
Check in the "parts for sale" section of this board. There is an email address for Dave S. listed under Dave S. Parts for Sale. HTH
Thanks for the info. Every little bit of info will help me track this guy and get my property back. Roger
that S&S clown is a joke. You will never see your parts or money again. He has ripped off a friend of mine big time. i wouldn't let that goober work on my lawn .02
Hey professional speeder, why don't you bring your sixcylsurprise over to the cruise tonite at Fletcher and Dale Mabry and we can discuss your lawn mower.:D
i would not want to been seen anywhere around that circus wagon you call a buick. what once was probably a nice car should have ringling bros painted on the side. a total moron like you shouldn't hold grudges.but your only in the buick thing to make money.i forgot sorry....
I beg your pardon........I didn't know it was you, THE THIEF!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...........Just keep hiding under your rock with the rest of the SNAKES.

By the way moron, I always wanted to point out to you to add 100,000 miles to your signature on that junk GN of yours. You don't really believe that junk has 70K on it, do you?

And to Jeff, funny you would post here. Would you believe this is the same a**hole who caused you that aggravation last year pertaining to the BOP. Same immature idiot! This guy's been hiding from me since he ripped me off. Different day, so different username. WASTE!!!
John,get a life... i knew the original owner of my GN when he bought it. Whos knows where that pile of red crap you drive came from. who cares. im glad i don't spend my spare time on here.Only come on tosee what new crap is happening,I have a life. Now you have something to talk about a new subject... wow how exciting. gotta get back to the way i am not hiding i just stay away from the scammers and the thiefs like you. I can show you what a size 14 shoe would look like on your rearend,and a mouthful of teeth..if you have any...See you real soon......
Originally posted by Red Regal T
Believe me, we're all happy you don't spend your time here. :D

I second that John! Same lame stories, same insults. About your threats! We are a tight nit bunch in FL, man you don't fit in. I suggest you take your insults and threats else where...
Amen to that......

John,............ Fletcher and Dale Mabry? I 'm there usually once a month visiting friends. Is there somthing going on there I don't know about? That is the corner where there is a First Union and a Rio Bravo, no? Carrolwood has been a frequent of mine for the last 15 years.

Regards, Joe
Hi Joe, right behind the Rio Bravo is a Checkers. Every Saturday nite there is a cruise with about 200 cars. Last nite there were four TRs. We have had as many as ten. Please stop by when you're in town. Just look for my CIRCUS WAGON!:D