injector/chip question

Tom Tom Turbo

Turbo Goes Woo Woo
Jul 10, 2002
I'm finally getting the car back together after chasing an oil leak and some other electrical gremlins. I switched from 42# injectors to 50's but I don't have a new chip from Turbo Tweak yet. Am I ok to start and run the car for 25-50 miles just to make sure the leaks are taken care of before I go ordering a new chip?
x2 on the NO part. Why? Your chip won't know what the hell to do,same with rest of the sensors. It's gonna pour gas and soak your cyl walls up and pretty sure mix fuel in your oil. Your plugs will more then likely to foul in some way or soak, get premature fire if that.....just don't do it. Sell your 42lb and buy yourself a chip and kept the extra dough or reinvest back into the car. Either making a savings for it in general or upgrade savings etc.

It's your tho, if you really want just test it out but I wouldn't myself. This thing costs are already a PITA, so I wouldn't want to add to it just to see what happens. maybe nothing, maybe all i posted or worse.