injector problems


ok i just installed a set of 50lbers brand new. first 3 leaked at the top my fault i did not have the clips on right, so i took them back off and did it right. now the number 3 "drivers 2nd" is leaking at the base of the injector and the fuel rail bolts are all the way down, and the number 6 is leaking from the top still even after a new gasket. when i do this again tomorrow is there anything i should lube the up with to seal them better? i just used a little touch of mobil 1 to make them go in easier. should i greese them or what? i do not want to have to go through this again.

Just make sure that where the oring seats that it is smooth and free of burrs. I installed mine in the intake first then installed the rail. Make sure rail mounting tabs are not bent> Check orings by squeezing the oring to close the circle and check for rips and tears.