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Dec 29, 2007
What is a typical horsepower or ET that 60# injectors will max out at with single nozzle alky?
Grumpy went 9.9X or 9.8X. He may have a dual nozzle though. Hopefully he chimes in. I would say 10.50s on 60lb injectors only.

To give you and idea I went 126MPH with 50lbs inj at 88% DC and a single nozzle on full.
How do you know what duty cycle they are at? The reason I ask is I plan to run 60#ers, but see that 72#ers can be run with stock ecm. Would there be any downside to going with the larger injectors?
There are 79lb injectors for stock ECMs. TurboTweak has a program for it too. You can see the duty cycles if you have a direct scan or a power logger. Not sure what other ones display that. I would talk to Eric at Turbo Tweak on what your plans are. His email is