Installation Manual?


When I was at the Fast Fest I forgot to ask were I could get a installation manual for the Speed-Pro system. I want to do some experimenting with the NO2 retard triggers. I still haven't even pulled the dash apart to see the install, but I am sure from what I have seen so far I will want to change it. Thanks in advance.

Nice to meet you there at the event Jason... I was there with Chris (Blue Camaro) Where did you get the system from? I am sure Lance or Craig would send you a speed pro manual.. It's kinda vague as far as discriptions of functions and stuff but it would be a help with Nos triggers. Mail Lance/Craig directly.
See you soon! Nice TTA! ~Scott Klepinger, Power Concepts,Inc.
I'll give it a try. I really liked your cars they should be really mean when you guys get them tuned! Good luck and keep me posted on your E.T.S See Ya .............Jason.

P.S. the name of the tranmision guy at the track the other day is JPT transmissions. He rebuilt a transmission for my friend's drag car (ford C-4). My transmission and my friend Steve's were rebuilt by Jimmy's Transmission in Chicago. He is really good with 200-4R's try him, his number is (847) 949 7507. He does tranbrakes and all mild to wild just let him know what you want.

I'll give him a call on monday if he is not buisy with that dodge truck of his :) As soon as we fix some of the stuff we had wrong with the cars we'll get them back out Take care! ~Scott
You can get the install manual at It's in PDF format.

Also, the software packages you all received at Fastfest have online help. I recommend installing and looking at the help files - I suspect you'll find a lot of answers in there. The online help contains, among many other things, an install manual.

Windows C-COM?


Any chance you could help me obtain/locate the Windows version of the C-COM SW? I've called a couple of places that are dealers, and both say they don't have it... :-(

I would love to get ahold of that online help you refer to! :) I need all the help I can get at this point......