Installing Non Lock-Up Valve


Jul 27, 2001
I have gotten three different stroies on how to install this Art Carr Non Lock-Up Valve and I am not sure what to do. Here is my situation:

I have the trans in the car, the engine is out of the car. I do not have a puller for the front pump. I have a new Art Carr 16930 converter.

Do I need to remove the trans to install this kit?

Art Carr tells me I do not need to remove the front pump or install the 5/16" plug after tapping the pump. Is this true?

Can I change the valve by dropping the pan and the lock-up solenoid (this is what Art Carr said I should do)?

I would really like to get this done the correct way the first time. The answers I have received have ranged from having to pull the trans out and stand it on it end while removing the pump to not even having to worry about putting the non lonk-up valve in at all.

Could someone please help me with this. I would prefer to just leave the trans in the car, change out the valve and install my new engine. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.


Sorry I am not familiar with that one. TransGo however makes a valve for Non-Lock converters that goes right into the pump W/O pulling it. It keeps the lube circuit flowing properly with the different converter.
Been there done that. You must pull the pump cover and pump to do it right. I have pulled the pump cover without a puller and i highly suggest a correct puller. A method of removing the pump cover is standing the trans on its tail and lifting the trans slightly and letting the tail shaft hit the ground and the pump cover should pop out. I would still rather do it right and use a puller. Good luck
Any idea of where I can get my hands on a puller? Or is the puller non-specific to the front pump? Any other ideas?

It is puzzling that Art Carr tells me not to remove the front pump. I should just leave the tranny mods for the experts!!

I just did this mod over the weekend, so here goes:

1. You can use a generic puller (I borrowed one from local tranny guy) I don't see how it could be done without it......

2. Take out the 5 bolts that hold the pump halves together, and seperate the pump.

3. Remove the snap-ring and factory valve

4. Remove the factory plug that intersects the valve bore ( I had to drill mine out)

5. Tap the hole from step 4 with a 5/16-24 (do not tap all the way down, just enough to seat the setscrew a tad below flush with the pump mating surface)

6. Install the set screw with a drop or 2 of locktite.

7. Clean the pump halves.

8. Repeat step 7 several times :)

9. Install the new valve (be sure to deburr it) with the cross holes perpendicular to the pump face, also the c-bored end goes in first

10. Re-assemble

11. Don't forget to remove the checkball in the end of the input shaft, and have fun with that one !

Think that's it, and I hope it helps

Thanks alot for the help guys, and especially for the step-by-step PITA84. I was not looking forward to experimenting and screwing this relatively simple project up. Looks like I know what I'll be doing next Saturday (after spending the week begging to borrow a puller!)