Installing rear seat braces, do I need to drill any holes?


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Jan 10, 2007
I was under the assumption this was a plug n play. Meaning all the holes were there. But doesn't look much like it/ Guess I need to do some drilling?

BTW this is for the Kirban's X braces.
Yes you have to drill I think 1/4" holes.And make sure to take your rear seat out much easier, and I unloaded the suspension as well before the install.
Thanks, how many 1/4 holes?

Why unload the suspension?

You mean to place the frame on jacks so the rear end is not supporting the car right?

Didn't anticipate the rear seat removal. In fact I was thinking you could crawl in thru the trunk to do this.

Sounds like it's going to be a bit more work than I thought. :redface:
I think you put the frame on jacks of equal height so that the car is true. If one side is a little lower and you put the braces on the braces won't be 100% true.

And yes, I had to drill holes.
So in other words I should support the entire car by 4 jacks under the frame? And not just lift the rear in the air with 2 jacks under the frame?
Thats what we did. We jacked up all corners and tried to get all the heights the same.

We also crawled through the trunk to do the mounting, I can't remember but I think we did take the back of the rear seat out also.
Some guys just do it on level ground , but I used 4
Jackstands under frame to unload the suspension ,6 holes need to be drilled
If you want to fight it you can do it w/o removing the seat.......... but I dont think its worth it................