Intake Gaskets


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Anybody know the Fel-Pro or Victor number for the intake gaskets that fit the stock head? Nobody shows the Sy/Ty application anymore but if I can get the number they may be able to find it that way. Couldn't find it searching any of the forums. Still can't post at Sy/Ty forums :(.
Fel-Pro MS 96037

Mike, these are the Buick application which uses a valley pan gasket. The Syclone has separate gaskets.

Bob, I saw those but wondered about them because sometimes Rockauto does have some incorrect listings. When I checked them Rockauto also showed them for the TBI application. FelPro listed a TBI application but not a SyTy one, thus the questions. I could not find a crossover guide to find the FelPro number which is what the local stores deal with. Most people have recommended FelPro 1202 even though the application guide does not show that number. I picked up a set of those but have not put them on yet. They have a divided runner on the Siamese ports and no EGR crossover. My egr is disabled so no crossover is no big deal, in fact I prefer that but, I am torn about the divided port. I've had some people say it's okay and a stronger gasket but I believe the factory were open design. The Edlebrock application is identical to the 1202 but not sure if it is for the stock head or aftermarket/later heads. I just want to be sure of what I put on. I'm not looking for the most performance or even the most factory exact. I'd be happy somewhere in the middle with a truck that runs right that I don't have to keep fixing the same things over and over because the parts aren't just right. Will the divided/open port make any difference????
Bob, Thanks for that Victor number. I looked them up and they are the closest to what came off of my truck that I have seen. I've got a set on the way. The only real difference I spotted was that the ones on the truck had a rail seal where these use form-a-gasket.
Don't use the little China Rail seals that come with them as they always leak after a while. I would recommend using the right stuff or Permatex black form a gasket. Just snug down the intake (don't torque to final) until it sets up and dries fully.
I didn't read your earlier post. The Felpro 1202 is what I use on the small heads just make sure your stock intake is well centered as the gasket is taller than the stock height. The divider is not a big deal and you could cut it out if it bothers you a bunch or just glue it to the intake a call it a day.