Intake replacement on 85 need parts!

Tampa T-Type

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Jul 17, 2005
Having a hard time finding the lower Egr Gasket, Turbo oil return rubber intake. Egr return pipe, turbo rubber intake gaskets and other related hoses. Any place to find these, I want to do this just once.

i have the egr return pipe that goes from the egr to the back of the intake. its used if u want it pm me wont refuse offer. also i have a egr gasket. its not new but will work. pm me if u want these.

Rubber gaskets for turbo to intake adapter Fel-Pro # ES-72660
Turbo oil return grommet was available from GM about a year ago, I think I have a few brand new, I will check.

I think the EGR gasket is Standard Motor Products VG6

The lower EGR gasket hasn't been available for years or so I was told. I made my own out of a sheet of gasket material and it worked for years. I now have a homemade EGR blockoff plate that was surfaced for flatness and I run just silicone with no problems. The upper is standard and should be available anywhere.
Cool84, you are correct on the lower EGR, I forgot that I used part of an exhaust manifold gasket to make mine 3 years ago.

I did find 3 brand new turbo oil return grommets which I don't need since I sold my 84T back in May.