Intake tube


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I know this is a long shot in this pretty much dead sub-forum, but anyone have a decent shape intake crossflow tube for a
Sy/Ty they don't want an arm and two legs for? Anyone know of any reproduction ones available? I had a little incident with mine today and am in need of a replacement.

Let's just say the incident involved some ether and a little bit of a backfire. In addition to blowing my intake tract into pieces, it also got my air filter box by breaking the tabs on the lid. I'm thinking about using flex seal tape to put the halves together and then just wrapping the whole tube in fiberglass until I can find a replacement.
The round tube part is easy, the square, not so much. If u can't buy it, I would tape it up, fill it with plaster, cut the plastic off, use the plaster for a fiberglass mold. No aftermarket available?
Found out that just within the last few weeks there is a guy who has started making the stock style out of fiberglass but I've yet to find anyone who has tried one to verify fit and quality. The issues I have with that one is that it's pricey and molded in white gel coat. He want's $350 for the unpainted one and $150 to paint it with a "good" paint. I know I could rattle can it but the problem with that is the hood pad actually contacts the tube and will ruin the paint in short order. I know this from trying to clear coat mine.

Up until him there were only a couple of performance intakes and none that used the stock filter location. I'm not even sure if these are even in production anymore but for one you had to relocate the battery and with the other one, you have to lose your overflow tank. I actually have one of those but I'm trying to keep the stock look, and this is obviously not stock, lol. I wonder how hard it would be to get one 3D printed?

If I can't find a good used one, I'll probably be the guinea pig and order one of the fiberglass reproduction ones.