Intercooler fan?


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Sep 30, 2013
Has anyone deleted there fan? I’m running a front mount now and looking to go to a slic and don’t have the factory fan that runs off the crank for the intercooler. Any issues not running it? Thanks
I dont run one because a bolt came loss the cooler rubbed the fan an shredded both my fan an cooler.

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If you're switching to a front mount, you can delete it.

If you have a stock location intercooler, keep it.

Some think it's to keep air moving over the IC at low speed, but it's actually at high speeds when it really matters. Air packs into the engine bay and pressurizes it. That fan creates a low pressure area behind the intercooler so air will keep moving through it.
Yeah I’m running a Eastern front mount now. Looking to go with a precision slic.
Yeah I’m running a Eastern front mount now. Looking to go with a precision slic.
Post back your new findings/differences if your 10.27 was with your Esp and the same combo is gonna be with the Pte..thx
Leave it off. You will never notice it. BUT if you tap a curb and the intercooler touches that fan..................well you will notice that. :eek:
Thanks for the responses I will leave it off when I do the swap.

For a while now I've wanted to see if it is possible to stick one or two of these fans:

In-between the FMIC and the radiator, so the fan would be on the "backside" of the fmic- aka the side you would not see if you were looking at the fmic from the front of the car. I figure the fan moves enough air to help pull more air across the IC core, and hopefully the increase in velocity of the airflow (because of the fan) will help cool the radiator off better as well, as you would still have your radiator fans on the backside of the radiator as well.

Just a thought...I doubt it'll ever work..