intercooler pipe fitment


Jul 15, 2012
Ok guys, i put my engine back in the car, but with some changes and have found an exact combo that will not work. I have a champion race intake with a 1" spacer, accufab 70mm, precision front mount intercooler and an alradco radiator with dual extreme fans. The intercooler piping hits the fan shroud and ends up way short of the TB.... any ideas on what you guys have done for fitment? Pics of your setups? rough estimate on custom pipes if i have to go that route?

Thanks guys!
Believe the solution is to run one regular fan and one extream.
Custom pipe is how to do it, About 100-175 dollars here for something like that.
Regular fan on one side of duals, have to specify running front mount when you order so the up pipe clears. Other than that gonna have to ad exstention or go custom.
Post a picture of what you have. I ended up having to build a custom up pipe to make my Chinese G-body SLIC work.

When I put it in, my stock up pipe was moved away from the TB about 3 additional inches. If you can compare what you need to a stock up pipe and give me the measurements I can build you a custom pipe in 2.5" or 3" that might get you back on the road.

I had to buy a bead roller and all kinds of crap to be able to make mine work. I'll be doing a batch of 3" uppipes this week (I hope) so I'll be set up if you need a custom one.