Intercooler scoop


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Jul 7, 2003
Has anybody heard an update on the aluminum intercooler scoop? I am still interested but would like to see pictures.
The last I talked to Keith he had completed mine and was getting ready to powder coat it (that was last week). I got a shipping notice on it so I should have it this week. I will take pics and install the day I get it.
Thanks for the info. That would be great if you could get some pics up when you get it.

shroud fit perfect on two virgin TTAs here...because the shroud isnt rubber, you need to loosen your intercooler bolts and remove the PS to get the shroud in place (tight quarters in there). Once its in there....its a perfect fit!

HTH;) :cool:
Can I get a better discount on the shroud if it was my car at steve's tyou used for fitment purposes? :D
Funny ya mentioned this....yours will be #3 test LOL hehe, I do have to run down there one of these days though to stop by there on the way to some JACKA$$ machine shop that messed up a line hone on a buick motor here...:rolleyes: ;)
I've been trying to get ahold of Keith this week but he must be working on something. Mine was supposed to have shipped last week but I haven't gotten it yet.

Stay tuned pics will come :)