Intercooler shroud vibration/noise.....


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May 7, 2007
I have been having a rattling noise coming from the PTE stock location stretched intercooler shroud. The thin metal vibrates quite a bit at low rpms... The last fix,I lined the top and bottom,of the shroud with rubber door edge moulding... I did an engine rebuild,and put the car back together a few weeks ago.. The vibration/noise has reappeared..Does any one have any other repair and/or remedies???Thanks,Todd
I had the same problem, but only when the AC was running. What I did was to drill 2 holes in the top and bottom of the the shroud opening then installed a piece of threaded rod between them and put some jam nuts at each end to put a little stress on the shroud opening. Putting some rubber washers helped even more. It took away about 95% of the noise, but I still get a little once in a while at certain RPM's...again only with the AC on. Go figure...
Duct tape;)

If its good enough for NASA to send it to space with all the astronauts......