Interesting find ...


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Jan 27, 2006
hey guys , first post been lurking for a few months so finally signed up ..

the other day i went to local dealership and they had on the showroom a orig TTA with cloth interior , 3400 miles its the owners of the dealership ... i asked if it was for sale jokingly and he said for the right price i am sure it is ..

figured i would toss it out here if anyone was looking for one with low miles ...i quess it was 1 of the 99 cars to lap the brickyard and was delivered to the dealer with 3400 miles and been sitting since ...

if anyone needs more info or dealer name post up i will pass along any info
this car is located 30 mintues south of boston,mass
Go ahead and post it, Grumpy might want to buy it and pull the engine out :biggrin:
hahahahaha... is this in Concord?? or out that way ?? might as well piece it rather than just have it hanging around .. I am due for another one :p
the car is located at Dave Delanys pontiac and buick , Hanover Mass .... i have no # but i am sure someone can google it ... he has a few other cars in there also one being a 88 Fiero GT never been titled with 700 miles on it ..figured i would post up if anyone was interested in something with low miles