Interior parts for sale from 85 T Type


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Interior parts from an '85 T Type, I have just about everything. I've already sold the steering wheel and floor shifter setup. As I sell different parts, I'll update this thread. I just bought my first TR (now probably not my last, lol) and it's a bone stock '86. If you happen to need anything in these pics, I'd be interested in any performance upgrades to trade for parts I have. The seats are in fair shape, no tears but they have some rust colored stains on them. This interior was removed from an '85 to make it a drag car. I've also got a pair of t tops in the oem GM bags, they have typical fade on them, pm me for pics, $250. I've got the exterior emblems as my car was de-badged when it was painted.

As far as pricing for everything else, $500 takes it all or let me know what you need and we can go from there. I'm in NY, email me with questions or call my cell 845.706.7268 Scott.


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Only things sold are steering wheel and center console, everything else pictured is available, I'd like to sell it all at once, so I'm going to give it a day or two before I start parting it out piece by piece. A good friend needed the wheel and shift console. The t tops are not pictured, and are available as a pair separately, and the side windows are not pictured but they are included in the $500, thanks... And no, not coming to Bowling Green, but would love to:)