Internal vs external waste gate,


Jul 3, 2006
what is the difference? Any advantage to have a 3.5" DP over a 3" DP if you have a 2.5" SS exhaust system, testpipe back?
What about a 36mm ext. wastegate over a 48mm wastegate? I'm still using the stock turbo, turboTweak 93 oct. chip, 4" cold air intake. Everything else is stock.
My purpose? Get a little more horses without spending too much, straining the moto nor affecting reliability and milage.
3" downpipe with an internal wastegate will do fine for a long time especially if it is the RJC one with the large Puck. If your car is all stock you dont need that yet. Do the spring cleaning get some drag radials and a scanmaster. After that an alky kit from Razor.
Hi jasjamz,
Drag radials? Don't think so. Not racing. Been there, done that You did not answer my questions but your advice is consistant with my friends. Did not alky a thought but now? Maybe later. Looked at RJS and they seem the best priced and their quality has been highly recommended by others. I have been looking for a DP on this website but EVERYONE wants near new prices...$400+. New is starting to look good.
Thanks friend. Your reply has helped.