Intrax springs?


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Alright guys, Its time to give my 87 limited T some suspension TLC. Need to replace springs and shocks. Would like to lower the stance abit, have been researching and would like to here from those with the intrax springs as to there satisfaction with them. Are you happy or should I go with the eibach springs? Also where did you get them, intrax claims summit carries them but I couldn't find our application at the summit site, Also checked with most buick venders sites and couldn't find them either? Thanks in advance for the help and info. Jeff
Shocks and springs

Hey I just did shocks and springs.

This is where I found Intrax springs..........
eBay Motors: Intrax Drop Springs Buick Regal & T type (RWD) 78-88 (item 330089704688 end time May-15-07 16:19:54 PDT)

,but I used Suspension Techniques.........

Suspension Techniques Muscle Car Sport Lowering Springs - JEGS

I am using these Bilistein shocks on both cars......

I did end up using drop spindles and converting to the LS1 brake swap as well. Worth doing it!

I have used Eibachs, PST, BBK, Edelbrocks, and Suspension Techniques springs,..... PSTs broke on me.

I have had the same Edelbrock springs and Bilstein shocks on my T-type for about 13 years with no problems. On my other T-type I just installed Suspension Techniques and Bilisteins in May 07. While your at it I would replace ball joints and bushings. I had an upper ball joint break on me while going 10 mph. I can't imagine going 45 or faster with one breaking!
any ride difference betwwen Intrax and Suspension Tech springs? Do they both lower the car the same amount? Are they progressive springs lie the Eibachs?
Turbo clam 3, so you are 2" spindles and 1"+ drop springs F&R?! Post pic, I bet that car sits LOW!
traditionally, Intrax are smoother riding and a little lower. STs are tight and a bit firm. I was spo'd by ST for 4 yrs (many years ago) and used many of their products w/ zero complaints. bell Tech/Susp Tech are same company and are both great products.
Drop spindels

I have a set of belltech drop spindels never used in original box for sale. I don't remember what I paid for them I bought them through summit and I have decided to go with the big front brakes with the b-body spindels so I won't be using them. Make offer.