Inviting y'all back to Rock Hill, SC!



Our next Tubby's get together will be April 20th at 6pm. we had a good tornout last time...about 25+ cars total. too bad it rained. :( Thanks to the turbo fellas that showed up, it was nice to see y'all again! here's some directions for yall:

Take I-77 to Exit 82B in South Carolina (of course). Get off the ramp and go through 5 red lights. Tubby's will be on your right, just past Freeman's Car Stereo. It's just across from Advance Auto Parts.

All domestics are welcome, as long as they aren't riced out. :) so bring your buddies! We usually have a vast majority of F-Bodies, but Mustangs and Vettes are staring to show up as well. And of course, some of 'em like a little head-to-head action. ;)

Hope so of y'all can make it! I know our F-Body crowd loves black boxes. :)
im going to try to be there it mightbe a little later than 6 i had good time last time i was there last time with my gn .
thanks regalwe4 kevin :eek:
thanks for showing up yall! i had a great time, as usual!

i'll post up when we have next month's too.

kevin, did you and pacecar have any ummm fun after yall left??