is it hard to change the fuel pump


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Oct 14, 2003
what all do you have to do to change the fuel pump is it easy or not, i see that the it just screws in but worry about gas gtting out when i take the old one off, oh 1 more question how often should you change the fuel filter
Get the tank as empty as possible first use a floor jack to support tank and to raise and lower as needed.I usually let the tank down just far enough to unhook lines and wires then set her on the ground and go to work.
its not hard at all , like what was stated above , get the tank as low on gas as you can. as far as your fuel filter, i change mine once a year which for me is about 8000 miles.:D
To prevent damaging the tank use a flat piece of board between the tank and jack. Buy new rubber hoses i cut the old hoses off
if aged.

If you have ramps i drive the car up the ramp just a little gives more clearance.

For the bolts near the rear of tank use 2-6" extensions on the ratchet.
also have a vaccuum handy because when you punch the retaining ring around to romve the pump hanger you dont want any of that rust and garbage to get into your tank.... youll also be able to see if theres any junk in there...i did this job myself and it went much easier than i expected:D and my car is pretty rusty...the biggest PIA about it is wrestling with the fuel lines
I've never used a jack....easy to just muscle it down and back up..although the "down" part is easier than the "up"

1) Get tank as low as gas out or drain thru the fuel rail

2) I drive rear wheels onto 2X8's (1.5") high just to raise the car a little so I can get my fat self under. May not be necessary for you :)_

3) Remove nuts (2) from hangers near bumper. Leave bolts in place. Also disconnect electic connection near bumper on drivers side.

4) Get something 3-6" thick under the car so that you can lower tank onto it in next step. (Boards, carboard box, etc)R

5) Remove bolts (2) from rear straps and lower tank onto the 3-6" thing you have under the car. Note where the spacers prevent spending about an hour trying to put them back in the wrong I did!!

6) Remove the bolts from the front of the car and drop tank rest of the way onto the 3-6" thing. Kinda laying under the bumper at this step.

7) Remove the fuel lines (3), return and vent. Laying under the bumper here...looking toward front of the car.

8) Drop tank fully down and remove from under car.

9) Clean loose stuff from top of tank/hanger area, tap the retainer ring CW (or CCW I forget) to release hanger from tank. Periodically clean with a vaccum. Do a GOOD job cleaning...anything left loose will probably fall into tank. Once the ring is loose you can gently lift pump hanger from tank (might have to break it loose from the o-ring)'ll have to twist and angle it a bit as you lift it to clear the float and sock.

Shouldn't take more than an hour to get to this point...

Regards, Bob Kolhouse