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May 26, 2001
When I'm in the Buick, I can't find a stoplight race. Not that I am being turned down, but there are never any cars worth flogging my car for that are going in the direction I am going. I see Mustangs, Eclipse's, LS-1's going in the OPPOSITE direction I am going! Yet, let me get in my P.O.S. work truck and I'll have a fast car in front ,beside and behind me everytime I stop at a light. :confused:

Take the drivetrain out of your TR and put it in a Buick LeSabre Wagon. A rusty one so it is lighter
take the drive train out of your TR and put it in your POS work truck!
Originally posted by SMOKIN86T
take the drive train out of your TR and put it in your POS work truck!

Heh, if it wasn't a company truck that would be the ticket! LOL

hey man i am the same way...i can NEVER find a worthy race with my GN but when i am driving another car such as my new 2001 dodge intrepid i always get people in fast cars next to me!!! wth man!
I agree. Seems the only time I find something worthy, he just wants to fly thru traffic. Bye.

Wanted to run a ricer in the wife's Exploder the other night, but she kept b%$^&ng!
Same thing happens here.
If I am in the Regal, I hardly even see anything.. ricers or otherwise.
Soon as I get in the van, they swarm around like bees. (and some sound like it
But I will say this, I have had a couple of guys try and race me to a lane change in the van, and I just cant let them win now can I? :D
But then, Im drivin the livin room on wheels for now until the snow finally leaves. Then, Ill bring out the real "rice" fryer and "cheese" toaster.
Just tonight, on my way home from skool, the ultimate event happened. Rolled up to a red light, nothing but 4 lane divided highway in front of me for miles. I'm in the left lane. Sitting in the right lane? Turbo Supra. Big stainless muffler, lots of gauges on the a-pillar, dark tint.

So I was in the 'Phoon, but it's sorta still on topic. I rev it up to get more vacuum to the power brakes. Mash the pedal, spool it up. Green light - GO! Awesome launch, some chirpage from all 4 tires, but otherwise great. He just sat there. Not interested. I guess it's me. A 0-60 sprint would've been cool....but I'm pretty sure I've beat that guy before - he might've been gun shy. There can't be too many maroon ones around town.

I've learned not to squander opportunites like that - even if he didn't go. I got my butt handed to me by a WS6 LS1 T/A that was playing possum at a light. The 'Phoon doesn't do the from-a-roll thing very well. Now I leave 'em all like it's the christmas tree at the track.

that happens to me....the only way i can get a decent stoplight race is with one of my ones seems to be going the same way as i am when im out hunting for kills
Happens to me ALL the time, but as soon as i'm in the 1991
147,000 mile s-10 blazer, everybody comes out of the woodwork.
Go figure.
I have the same problem, and also the opposite problem. I used to get them coming up to me when I was in my GN. The problem was I had a very original paint job, so I couldn't fool around close to home. I didn't want to be noticed by the local boys in blue. Now I have the drive train in a plain Jane station wagon, and I can't seem to find them. I do occasionaly waste a few of them on the highway, but most won't even play. They don't want to waste their time with a wagon. I've tried to get Porsches, and even a Ferrari to play, but they figured it was a waste of time. Lucky for them. I would've sent them into the breakdown lane crying because they spent so much for a tird. Mustang owners for some reason, are always up for a race, but they as have been mentioned, are always going the other way, or go by when I am in my slow wagon, or my truck. I usually just go to the track to play now. The problem is, everyone there seems to know the car, and the announcer tells everyone what is under the hood, and what I get for times before I even make my first run, so there is no surprise/shame.

Wow, I was just kidding about the wagon thing. What kind of grocery getter did you put that powerhouse into?
Just goes to show you you never know whats in the car next to you:cool:
I've actually "gone hunting" many times and not found any races. On the other hand, I've jumped a number of people from a role, even a C5 Corvette, and wasn't ever sure they were really racing... The only "races" I've gotten were an old Jeep (about 1/3rd throttle was more than enough), a Dodge Stratus (sigh), and some kid in a turbo VW (not the New Beetle, a 1.8T) who kept flying by every time I smoked him. I think he just liked to see the TR run. Here on the east side of Colorado Springs I've seen a newer Lightning, lots of V8 Camaros (SS's and Z28s), lots of Mustang GTs, several Roush Mustangs, a 5.7L Mustang, lots of new-gen Corvettes, a few older musclecars. and 3-4 Vipers, and I never line up with 'em. Probably good for my ticket count and career (I think the Air Force would frown on me being arrested for 110 in 55 zone...)

Crusin' in the GN yesterday I got next to a C5, a loud as can be Mustang GT and a Mits 2000. All were while moving and no one would play. Later that night on the way to the grocery store in my Toyota Camry I got lined up next to both a Prowler and a Viper - both reving their engines at the light. :confused: :confused: :confused: When I'm in the Buick, no one in a "fast" car will even look at me.:(
You may have been kidding, and when I first told everyone that I was going to do it, alot of people thought I was. I wasn't. What kind of grocery getter?? Well, I wanted a turbo Regal, so I built a Turbo Regal wagon. Sleeper all the way. The first night I finished it, Jack Cotton, and I took it for a shake down run after putting in the rear end and tranny, and found a real nice looking Mustang GT with the unmistakable whine of a supercharger under the hood. I was detonating like crazy, because with the less restrictive exhaust that we threw in, brought the boost up to 25-ish pounds. He sold the car shortly afterwards I heard. Hee hee! Gee, I wonder why. Last season I got a few 12.5 runs in. The last right before I melted a piston. All on whitewalls.

Me and my friend were out cruising tonight for about an hour and I couldn't find ANYTHING!!! We purposely went out hunting. I can NEVER find a good race with my GN. Instead I did some MASSIVE smoke shows at a couple stop signs. Haha you would think there was a forest fire somewhere. My tires were about new and after tonight they have about 1/3 tread left! But whenever I drive the Dodge Intrepid or the GMC Sierra...someone is always wanting to play!!! UGH!:mad: :(
I think it's because they all know better! IN my 74 Vette they all used to try the GN they will turn a corner or not even look at wife thinks it's hilarious, and two other turbo Buick owners that are friends have complained about a lack of willing competitors also!

Now on to my buddies 69 LT1 Vette....he's NEXT....:D
Same here !

I drove around for 2 hours the other night, and NOTHING. But if I'm in the Grand Caravan, I got race cars everywhere. - BB
I have a reasonably quick car. However, if you pull up to me on the street, it doesn't matter what you do - I won't go. It is my preference to keep it on the track. Doesn't make me any less of a racer, a driver, or a person. :)
Good Call

Kudos to you Bob, we've all got to safe out there. Besides, when you're running under 12 things get close real fast! - BB