Is PATC okay to deal with?


Nov 25, 2002
Performance Automotive & Transmission Center is who I am asking about. Has anyone done business with them and was it good or bad? I am looking at getting a tranny from them. At the bottom of the page is a chart and the one I am leaning toward is the level 4. Is this a good tranny and does it have the good stuff in it? The guys there SEEM to be knowledgable and honest. I would like to do things locally in case there is a warranty issue.
Honestly if I went with an all hardcore tranny it would PTS or CK. They are on the board and will give you good support.

if its any other brand to save $$$ I would just buy this one on ebay..

The reason why I quit the "GN Life" in the early '90's was because of those crappy worthless Art Carr trannys that always died on me. Now that I started again, I'm finding a lot of newer technology going into bullet proofing the 200-4r.
I absolutely support the vendors on here whenever possible. I have spent several paychecks through them. However, something as large a ticket as the tranny I want, I would prefer to have someone local if I have any problems. If I get one from Bruce (PTS) and have any problems, I have to take it out and ship it back and wait for a fix. Would rather avoid that hassle.
Well, my first instinct was to let whoever rebuilds it install it. I've never done a tranny install before. A friend of mine usually gives me a hand working on this money pit and we've done most of the work ourselves. But again, it's such a big money item, I would rather whoever rebuilds it, or if I buy one, to install it in case there is a problem.
3turbos....Appreciate the tip but that's 5 hours from here. Not totally out of the question, but would rather deal locally, if possible.
i understand your fears.i will say however that we put on the average 200 miles on our 2004rs before shipping so you are guaranteed a winner will arrive at your of our test vehicles will make a delivery from nyc to philadelphis and back and then we remove and ship if it passes my scrutiny.we go back and forth 2 times a week.something to think about.patc does buy our heat treated and billet forward drums on occasion and we have never had a sour dealing with them as of yet.
Hey Pitbozz.... You might want to give this guy a call and ask a few educated questions before you order. I called this cat awhile back and asked him what valve body he uses in the trannys. He answered with basically, what do you mean they are all the same. Yeahhh right. Out of all the research I have done on this place, I can't find anybody using his 200r4 thats happy with it. If you decide to go this route, I'd like to know how it works out but.... I'm not brave enough myself to go that route. LOL :D :D :D
Yeah, Its been about 8 or 9 months ago. I think the guys name was Don or something. He didn't sound very knowledgable to me but maybe he was having a bad day. When he told me that the valvebodys were all the same and it wouldn't make a difference is when I ended the conversation. If you live close to his place though and are able to take the car back to him if you have problems, give it a try. Make sure you get him to rebuild YOUR tranny and to not give you one of his or you'll lose your brf valve body. Good Luck.