Is the Full Throttle integrated Maf setup possible with smaller dia pipe?


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Sep 29, 2005
Currently have the 4" MAF pipe going into a 4" turbo inlet.

Might be switching back to stock turbo or a milder turbo, making the 4" MAF pipe and the hassle of cramming it in there a bit overkill.

Is the integrated sensor too big to fit inside a 3" pipe? I'm guessing it probably is or they would have offered it in different sizes.

Would be nice if it was possible to get a 3" pipe with the same flange welded on the for the sensor. But I'm thinking it wouldn't fit.

Mike/FullThrottle or anyone who has easy access to one who could measure...
I have the exact style "cartridge" maf sensor in my 06 mustang. Stock it was in an approx. 3" plastic housing. When I put the whipple supercharger on it I had to swap the sensor from the 3" housing to an approx. 4.5" housing. The calibration was changed in the pcm and driveability in great.

So...I'd say it is possible as long as someone gets the maf calibration for the different cross sectional area of the pipe done correctly. Is it worth it to Bob to go through all the cal testing vs. sticking a LT1 3" in there? Probably not.

Thanks for your input.

You're right, I didn't think about it needing a different calibration, reading a certain amount of air flowing past the sensor in a 4" pipe would be different than the volume flowing in a 3".

I can stick with the 4" pipe if I need to, just thought it would be overkill to have to find a silicone reducer hose to hook it up to the stock inlet bell on the turbo.