Is there any deman for 87 cruise calbes for V2 setup?


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I know that Jay at turbomotion is not able to get them anymore. I have found a source and can get more. I know the Mike at M&M sells them used for 30 each. I will sell them 30 each including shipping but they are new units. Let me know is anyone is interested.
Hey I would be interested in it, but im up in Canada, so I dont know how convienient that would be. But let me know. I tried looking at local wrekers, and no luck. Unless theres a FWD vehicle that uses the same cable, I could not find any. Hey Turbowrenchhead, in your sig it says you run the stock turbo with the Ford FMIC and the V2 intake. Is that not very laggy?? did you hit 13.42 with all those mods inclusing the SMC injection?
I don't know how it would effect shipping and how the exchange rate works? Would you send a money order or us dollars? I won't mind doing it if I can understand how it works. As for the stock turbo and V2 there is hardly any lag. It starts to run out of breath at 4500 rpm or so. But it is awesome on the steet. And yes I hit that e/t with all those mods.