Is this a good cam and lifters


10's here i come
I want to the speed shop today and talked with the guy there about a cam for my 85. He said84 to 87 motors have the same cam is this true, He said that this cam is a good cam for my car and i dont have to put a stall in it. This is the cam he order for me.

Comp cams C56:69-248-4

260* .459 LIFT
260* .459 LIFT

212*AT .50 112 centerline

comp cams lifters # C56 86912

Duel roller timing chain comp cams # 3226

Will these part work good or should i call and change this , i will have to call by monday

I can list my mod if you need me to thanks guys
No, get a 206/206 cam. A 212/212 is too much for a street driven 3.8. It will run great, and will go fast, but you will be giving up torque. A 206 is all you need.
Will i lose that much on the street with this cam , i just want to go fast i only drive it on the week ends track and street racing. would i lose a lot of power if i want with the 206 and not the 212.

You will be much happier with the 206 and will probably lose no hp and gain torque. The 212 is too big. With my 214 the car is a pig until 3,500 rpm. It's coming out as soon as the 206 gets here.

The only way the 212 might work is if you have nice heads, intake, big turbo, free flowing exhaust and a high stall convertor.
Does any one have the comp cams part # for the 206 so i can change my order before its to late.

I trust you guys 206 it is i just called and changed it. will i have to get new springs i have LT1 springs set at 90lb. what kind of power should i see from this cam .
The power you will see depends on the rest of your combo. If you already have nice heads and other mods you will see a bigger gain. If you have a stock motor, the nice thing is you probably won't lose any torque and might gain 10- 20hp. If you have good flowing heads you will see a bigger gain.
BTW, the only reason I changed from my 206 to the 204-214 was becuase I blew a headgasket and flooded the motor with water which made the cam go flat. I decided to prove to myself what everyone was saying about big cams which I did. Now I'm going back to the 206. Now I have first hand experience on what too big of a cam does.