Is this a good package to go with?

Suspension for the TA or GN?

I dont have much info for the TTA but are you looking for a lower stance? Strip performance? Street performance w/o lowering the car?
If your front bushings are good, i would save the money and just buy each piece individually. You may end up with better parts anyways. Those kits are pretty expensive and really arent completely proven on our cars. Here is an example:

ATR rear bar $150
UMI lower rear control arms $100 used
36mm hollow swaybar front $75
swaybar bushings and end links $50
New MOOG ball joints $150
MOOG 5606 front springs $60
If you want:
Boxed upper control arms: Labor or $60 front Online

I'm not real sure of the MOOG parts number for rear springs but i know they only run $60 at your parts store. You can also go to the parts store to buy new A ARm bushings for less than $50. If your ball joints arent bad, dont replace them and save $150 off that price!
I can offer you one of my reconditioned 34mm hollow front sway bars. You'll lose 10 pounds off the front and tighten up the ride. I can supply heavy duty poly bushings and end links too.
34mm bar $75 shipped
poly bushings $15
poly end links $25