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May 25, 2001
I've got a few gallons of old methanol in the garage. It's been in a sealed container, and there's some in the reservoir too.

I tested it with a hydrometer and it looks like 97% pure. I'm guessing the remainder is water.

Is this safe to run through my Alkycontrol system? Do I need to dispose of it and buy new stuff?

(Hope I can reuse it, the only way I can get methanol is a 2+ hour round trip to a speed shop, or an online order at $20/gal.)

Thank you for any help.
if its liquid its methanol ..use it

the stuff in the sealed can should show 100% , if it reads otherwise your tester is wrong

even whats in the reservoir if it absorbed some water it wont hurt the pump or the engine , petroleum is what hurts the pump

old gas .. thats another story and should be drained and replaced or used up without trying to push the boost
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Awesome, thanks!

I drained and replaced all the old gas already, I'll use this methanol and keep my eyes on the Scanmaster.
I bought an alky testing kit because I was curious to see how well the alky we have lasts. We have a 55 gal drum of it and wanted to be sure of it's purity. Tests came back excellent in all the containers we had used. The lowest readings were from a regular gas can which we don't use for any longer term storage but they still were +98%. Tightly sealed metal tank is the best. If it's not perfectly clear then I wouldn't use it for alky injection.
I double checked the hydrometer by taking a reading, then pouring out half the methanol and replacing with distilled water. Hydrometer reading went from 97% to 49%, so it looks accurate.

I'll make sure all my stuff is nice and clear. New pump just arrived from Julio (old one was 4+ years) so I'll swap it in, run the tester kit, then go for a drive!

Thanks all for your help and guidance.
Final update, car runs fine with the old methanol. Saved 3 gallons this way, great news because this stuff is really hard to find around here.

Julio's tester kit showed my old pump was a bit degraded but still working (no leaks, ~130 psi). New pump going in this week.
a hydrometer is A very good tool...very basic .. used for measuring the relative density of liquids based on the concept of buoyancy. They are typically calibrated and graduated with one or more scales such as specific gravity....rarely go bad ...been around since th late 1600's LOL....kudos to you for checking it ..but unless its cracked or a defect from production/scale misrepresentation ... a pretty solid measuring tool....they also have lactometers for measuring dairy purity...for when KC87 wants to put some of the good stuff in his scotch.... :p