It Was One of Those Days - Pt XXIV

I'm one of those junkies! I NEED to know about the GSX!!!!!!! This was the first post I came to today hoping it was there, but, alas, is was not.:frown:
That is a damm good story there Sir , more, give me more :) Man I miss my GN :( .. Hopefully my Hurst will rumble like that someday :biggrin:
Still swamped guys...

BUT - there will be at least two chapters posted by this weekend if not more. Part XXV will be no later than Friday evening.

Ooooh - and it's GOOD... REAL good...
hmm, This could be a really cool plight, Raven distracts everyone on the board, by creating a cool story, all the meanwhile doing a killer setup on his real car for spring 07's first test n tune hehe