its spring already?!?


I got the GN blues
Jun 8, 2001
alright, its time to get down to business. I've had my engine torn down since the beginning part of february so now its time for some action. I've got a price on getting my block machined and for new forged pistons. I'll probably have 'em give my heads a decent port job on the exhaust side. After that I will begin to put her back together. However, I've put off getting a scan tool long enough also. I need to know which tool you guys recommend and where I can get it and how much they are? I don't have a laptop( I think it was turbolink that used a laptop) so that's not an option.

and hopefully I can find someone close by that can show me some tuning tricks.

My goal is to have her running close to perfect by June 27-30th for the St. Ignace cruise. I'm supposed to be riding up there with a few guys with F-bodies.

Just wanted to give a couple of you guys the heads up....I'm still around just been dormant for a while
I wondered if you were gonna dig that thing out this year.

I might try Ignace again.....last year the cops were a bitch and there were crappy locals rides all over at night. Then they shut down the road and kicked everyone out of town.

I think maybe I'll save the big show and cruise till August and try Woodward.

Anyway let us know how it goes and when you're going to try a track trip.

I'll sell my OTC 4000e.....get with me if you really want it.


woodward is awesome

I went last year and I'm going again this summer with or without the GN. So many different cars its un-real. I'm pretty sure the date for woodward is august 17th-19th? anyway.....I hope everything goes smooth with my car within the next month or two and yeah I probably will be very interested in your scan tool if you want to sell it. I'm gonna need it for sure.

thanks alot and hopefully you have good luck with your car this season too!!

Woodward would be cool.......Ignace is all right, but the cops are ticket happy. I would bet that weekend gives them almost enough $$$ to fund their force for the rest of the year :eek:

Keep us posted Ynovate

I too will be shortly tearing into mine - but not till I can completely count on the Probe.