Not exactly... It was set up just to drag so I have to put the interior back in it and it had fiberglass doors so I have to put the doors back on but he has almost all the parts. So it'll be a lot of work but in the end the other L78's are bringing big money. I wanted to get one of these before they got too expensive so I guess this is a good way.


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Steve, I saw (2) today at the Ponte Vedra Auto Show in Nocatee. Im from Houston, but in Jax visiting family. The 84 GN was original with a NASCAR "dealer installed" package. 1 of 500, and he had some paperwork and special badges on the dash plaque, and console. I have never seen one like it. The 87 was nice and clean, with tasteful mods. Unfortunately neither were board members.
I saw the NASCAR one your talking about on craigslist for sale never heard that they made anything like that thought maybe he made it up
Actually heading south to hopefully get it running next week. It's in South Florida at a friends shop, also the engine builder who it helping me put it together is down there as well.
Man wish I could take my engine out and rebuild and paint. Drive mine everyday though. Not to mention would go crazy if I couldn't drive it. Was down for about a month at my shop waiting for vacuum brake conversion to show up I could barely stand it. Your engine looks great though bet you can't wait to get it back in.