JC chip and now Code 13??


May 25, 2001
I just changed to 009 injectors with a JC street chip from stock with a Kenne Bell Hi/Lo slow, I mean Pro chip. Much better drivability. Also just changed to the 3" LT1 MAF.
Now it might just be coincidence, but I now get code 13 (o2 sensor). It idles GREAT, runs great and has better top end. What gives? It has a 91 Mustang heated o2 sensor. I can not believe that it would be bad after only one year.
Any ideas? I will probably just fork out the 40 duckets for anlther one. Thanks, ERIC.:confused:
Yes O2 sensors can die in one year. Hell, when I run race gas I get like three weeks tops. :)
Stupid me!

I found the reason. The wire came loose. Hooked it back up and viola. Still runs crappy at 17 psig. Need to turn the boost down until I get the EGT and Knock meter in. Thanks, ERIC.:D