Jet Recommendation?


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Just getting started with building my first kit, and I could use a little help with a starting point on an alcohol jet. Instead of an nitrous jet, I'd like to go with an Aquamist or McMaster Carr jet for better atomization. Probably Aquamist.

Here's the combo:

2.3 liter, mostly stock engine, T3 / T4 set at 22 psi currently, but I would like to go 25+ psi and have fuel system to support it. I plan on setting the boost turn-on point at 15 psi (I don't need it until 20 psi, but this will give me a safety margin). I'm looking to spray a lot so I can go with really high boost, but of course I don't want to bog.

I plan on starting with pump pressure around 80 psi and adjusting up or down as needed.

Here are the aquamist jets with flow rates. Flow rates are at 5 bar which is a little less than the pressure differential I would be running:

0.4mm: 120cc/m
0.5mm: 150cc/m
0.6mm: 175cc/m
0.7mm: 195cc/m
0.8mm: 215cc/m

The only thing I dont like about the aquamist jets is the fact they use a push on line. Lots use them, I just like the use of fittings for pressure lines myself.

As far as your will probably need to get 400-500 CC's to start with if you plan on running anything aggressive.

I run over 800 CC's with a 3.8 liter motor. So two aquamist jets.

The pressure you will have to play with. And being its a small motor it will tend to flood easier, so controlling the pump should be looked at.

I'd use a single M7 or M10 Hago nozzle and tune the pump in.
Thanks. Didn't notice or consider that the Aquamist jets are push-on. I think I will go with fittings just in case, since my motor will be depending on the alcohol once I push the boost up. Next newbie question, what is a HAGO nozzle, and where could I get one?
how far

So if I have a .4mm and a .5mm aquamist jets How far will that take me? I have a te-62 I don't plan on running alot of boost right now. So I would asume from the other postings That,

0.4mm: 120cc/m
0.5mm: 150cc/m

would get me 270cc/m I tried to convert this to gph but I am not a math guy and not good a any math formuals.

I should be able to run at least 1-2 pounds more with the two .4 and .5 nozzels right?

Thanks for any imput..
About .040" in flow.

Similar to an M10.

Do a search and simple calculations for the exact sizes.

Or convert your own flow rates to what folks use normally, also found in a search.

I used a M10 and M15 with my TA62 and about 70 psi. pressure with the SMC pump.

M15 triggered at 22psi. M10 around 11psi.

25psi. boost 20* timing.

With the Shurflo you could probably duplicate that boost.

Lots of folks staging aquamist nozzles successfully also. :)