Just bought a new S1 block today


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Sep 24, 2001
Like i really needed it:rolleyes: I couldnt say no and its a 4.1:D
I got to quit buying this stuff:eek: Now im going to be looking for some good off center rods :)
Damn! Geno. Are you a Buick stage parts magnet, or what?!!:D
Some guys have all the luck.:rolleyes: ;)
Originally posted by geno
Now im going to be looking for some good off center rods

If I did stuff like that I'd be looking for a new family...

I have some off-center rods, Carillo, 6.250" just resized and rebushed. You can have them for $8000 and I'll throw in a freshly built Stage-1 3.8 long block with GN-1 heads for free. :D
Where could I possibly find a stage 1 block. I have look in all the places that I know of and no results. I was told that jim Haas had a few at one time but I don't know how to reach him. Thanks for any help that yopu can give. I don't want to wait until the Nationals to buy a block.
I spent alot of time looking on the web.I email everybody that used the v6 racing and followed up every lead that was given to me utill i got to the end of it. You just have to turn over every rock and go to the next until you find what your looking for.