Just bought a syclone!


I had the opportunity to buy one 7 years ago and let it go....then last week I happened to be on auto trader looking at cars when I see a nice syclone for sale in the same city as the last one. As luck would have it, it was the exact same one! I knew it was meant to be....

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It runs good...only 57000 miles...I know it's barely been driven since I last drove it way back when as it had a couple thousand miles less. Mechanically everything checked out fine...needs a new power steering hose, tires are new but show some dry rot, and the steering gear box has play but that's it.

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Congrats, Sign up anyway they will get around to your request. I am a member and I can relay any inquiries you have.
Did you get jack stands with the truck? Mine seems to always be on them. LOL Congrats on the buy.