Just bought Sy 2271... many questions....


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Oct 30, 2001
I've been away from TR's since I sold my GN in 2011, but my love for them has never really left me.

Between my Father in Law passing in late 2009, Mom passing in early 2010, and a series of life events that I'm sure many of you can relate to, sometimes life gets "in the way". Rather than let my car sit and deteriorate I chose to let her go. Now I'm in the market again, and hope to find the "right one" this time, hopefully as we finish construction at the house. Not in a rush since storage space is limited now... but I am looking.

... and while I wasn't looking I got a call last week. A buddy who buys, sells and sometimes keeps cars bought Sy 2271 and had some bizzare plans for it that I wont go into. More power to him. He offered me the drivetrain... running gear, axles, wheels, motor, trans, frame, everything. Along with that he had an S-10 Cameo pickup. (1989, I think, with all new suspension, late model 4 piston calipers, GM crate 350, etc., His intent... to swap entire Chassis' from one to the other... why? 1) because he could, 2) because he always wanted a Syclone, and 3), there was a ridiculous amount of taxes owed on the Cameo.

I couldn't NOT go look at it... that taxes weren't that out of this world... (Cameo) I had an almost crazy-er idea... put the Cameo body on the Syclone chassis and raise hell!

So I did go look at it... and I wound up with the Sy, exactly how he bought it... except he saw a bit of the cladding sticking out and he tried to fix it.. you know how that ended up... so I gotta fix that. Its original paint.... as far as I can tell.. its even been polished through on the roof. Hood has a little bit of rust (common for a Hawaii truck, especially with those miles.) It needs ALL the AC stuff since someone tore it all out... this is gonna be fun to put it all back in.

But for the money I couldn't complain.

He still has the Cameo...

Question 1: Tire size differences can I get away with it or do the tires HAVE to be the same front to rear? Is there a percentage of differential I can get away with?

Q2: AC components: I am assuming that parts from a 4.3 n/a will work, including clutch fan, radiator, etc?

Q3: Anything else I need to be aware of that is Sy/Ty specific in the ngine bay minus turbo, inter cooler, piping, hoses, etc?

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Did you get jack stands with your purchase? LOL I attached a picture of my engine bay. Most of the items are in the/their stock location as I wanted a stock appearing truck. However a lot of the parts have been modified.

Question 1. The wheels don't have to be the same size however the rolling circumference needs to be the same.
Question 2. I don't think that GM changed the AC stuff around but the lines are/might be different.
Question 3. There are a lot of different items that are installed under the hood of these trucks that are not on regular GM based S series.


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Looking at the pics obviously the AC compressor hoses are different. Everything else is the same.

The Intercooler hoses have been creatively mounted. I'll need to re route all of that once I locate the AC components. Then I can START to figure out whats missing and not in the correct places.

BTW.... no jackstands. 257k miles.... Oh... they gutted the ABS too.
That is not the AC compressor it is a vacuum pump that I use. I think the ac lines might be the same if you are running a stock turbo. Maybe someone can post a picture of a stock truck with stock turbo.

We made that thing a few years ago. It is a stock core with a new hand built tank and inlet welded on to it. On the stock unit I didn't like the way the inlet was located and it was to small. It also made it a PITB to get the newer turbo housings to line up with that stupid little jog coming off of it.
I loaded some pics of the vacuum pump mockup. I have one of the regular AC compressor on my phone but can't seem to get it to down load.


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I just got some pics (maverick87) Thanks Austin. He provided a stock engine compartment pic for you. Hope these help.


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Bob, any idea if the new end on the cooler helped? You can really see the difference between yours and the stock one. Mind giving up specs on your wheel/tire combo? My favorite set up.
Sure can,
The intercooler in my application is just a pathway for the air to travel. Also there is not a restriction for the air to back up in the/from turbo (S cover) to the intercooler (Bison referenced this years ago and it stuck in my brain housing group) 2 1/2 inch start to finish it just has to get pass/thru the core. The issue that we have with these trucks is under hood heat soaking the intercooler. Same problem if you are at modest or high boost levels. That is why alcohol/water injection is so important on the Syclone.

I don't have the tire size in front of me right now however the wheels are as follows fronts are 9 1/2 by 17 and the backs 11 1/2 by 17. The fronts due rub a little on the edge of the wheel on a real hard turn. Guess I need to modify the upper A arms a little more. In addition it is wearing four Nitto 555R drag radials currently. I know the MT tire works better but they also wear out faster if you drive the truck a lot on the street.
Thanks for the reference pictures. They will help a lot.

Is there a reason that people delete the ABS other than weight savings?

Compressor hose is obviously different. there is the metal line and I'd need that along with knowing where everything routes.

I've gotten ahold of the original owner... he shared with me a lot.. the 257k is true and correct.. he put most of the miles on it himself and sold it with 240k.

He gave me a list of most of the mods already installed on the truck. so now I know whats in it.. minus what owner #2 took out.

Now to put it back to how it should be.

wish me luck.
I still have the ABS on mine and it seems to work ok. Good luck with your project and be patience as these things can be trying at times.
I still have the ABS on mine and it seems to work ok. Good luck with your project and be patience as these things can be trying at times.

Thanks Bob,

From what I recall, the Sy was the first S10 to utilize ABS so I would need to source the ABS and other components from a 92-93 S-series.

If you worked with the guys I work with you need the patience of Job. I owned several TR's so I know all about needing patience as well.

Finding parts is another story!

The hunt begins... I may actually have a little time this weekend.. I it doesn't rain.
On another note... I was able to get ahold of the original owner... it seems the crazy mileage is true and correct... most of it put on by him!

The truck is relatively clean underneath considering it was driven for a quarter million miles.

I have a list of his mods, so I now know whats "missing"

Should be fun to start the piecing back together again!
Unless you want the truck to be original I don't think I would spend the time to put the ABS back on. That system has been known to be problematic even when new. Just my thoughts.
Unless you want the truck to be original I don't think I would spend the time to put the ABS back on. That system has been known to be problematic even when new. Just my thoughts.


Thanks for the input...

I'm kind of... OK very OCD

but I think the ABS thought is out the window since 4 wheel disc is on my mind anyway.

The original owner and I have had some recent conversations and even at 240k (when he) sold it he had no issues.

This was truly a daily driver.

Now, my biggest issue is putting the rest of it back to stock.. (AC, intercooler pump, etc...)