Just curious, anyone with this kind of luck???

cool 84

Got hotair?
May 27, 2001
Drunk poist, but here it goes. I lose my fiancee, home, job, and most of my friends in a month. Only good thing is my 41 is done. It's pretty low in the priority list but it's something positive, right? BTW, I got in a fight and broke my hand again. Life sucks. Delete this post tomorrow, right?
Get a dog. They love you no matter what. Good luck pulling it together. Every door that shuts is the chance to open a different one.
That's a little worse than me. I've got the kind of luck where I buy a scratch-off lottery ticket and it says "you owe us $500"

I agree with BlownZ, get a doggy. We have 5 chows and they love us no matter how much trouble they get into.
Yeah thats my luck too. Just when I think it can't any worse, it gets 2x as bad. But I do have a 2 yr old German shephard who is great to have around.