Just finished: my black 1980 Regal (lots of pictures)

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Hi everyone ! I wanted to update this want: ALL I am in need of now (on this 1980 Buick Regal), is the the ROOF DRIP EDGE MOLDINGS (2) (both sides), and the the vertical QUARTER GLASS moldings (2).

these could be off any 1978 - 1980 Regal & poss. Monte Carlo / Cutlass with NO Vinyl Top. The roof "drip-edge" moldings just curl; and lock-in place ... while the other two snap on-to two plastic clips.

Both sets of these are stainless steel, and their length's are: 16.5" (for the quarter glass ones x 2) ... and: 39" for the "roof moldings" (or the drip moldings).

I'd greatly appr. any HELP / INFO. !! :);)
"Sure appr. that" ... *it should be noted that I had 4 like this one (the black one), and the Molding request is for yet another 1980 I'm working on.
1980 buick regal in white.JPG


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This one was kinda neat as it featured a pair of Umbrella's behind each seat amid my having loaded her with every option available in late 79'. What a pisser: no molding's for the roof ta finish the dam thing ... "so CLOSE yet so far".


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HURAH ! ... "all set". I found the needed parts (THANKS), and now "No. 5's" complete !. :) THANKS !
Nice day for a drive after almost 23 years in storage ! ... "there WAS a difference in our cars back then" !.

*We've been together almost 40 years now ...


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In 1988, after so many paint problems (mainly with paint "fade" issues), combined with the UN-availability of the "break - stripes" or the point where there was a stripe where (in this example), and the TWO-TONE enamel paint colors "MET", and covered that very paint line(s), I came to a decision to just totally abandoned a two-toned "anything", and go with an all new paint: in MY personal favorite color: WHITE.

Along with all that: I also decided to "black-out" ALL the chrome ... "and I mean ALL of it". :sick:

Doing that very chrome: I had ta sand-blast it, and then I had it sprayed with an "adherer", (one cannot just "black" spray smooth and shinny chrome right ? ... so lastly (in that process): I then "blacked-out" all the CHROME. Later: all this would come back to haunt me as to get (or FIND) someone / or some "company" to polish those same moldings back was non-existent !.

*It seemed to be, (and it was) "a literal impossibility" ! :unsure: ...

SO: after finally finding that Individual (a polishing service), I later LOST all that same chrome ... "and every darn piece too" !.

"yeah: we can do that easily Sir" .... <GONE >.

*THAT'S A LONG, LONG STORY* :eek: :cry: :LOL: :ROFLMAO: :sick:

Well: 20 plus years later (upon getting this car out again), I decided to "go-back" too the chrome "everything". Truth be told: the "blacked-out" moldings never really appealed to ME personally ... "Gese they were hard ta find" !

Anyway: this car was "later": MY rendition of what a 1980 Buick Regal would be / would look like, *in a "fantasy" T-Type' car ... with all the shadowing and fade (with this cars original "Somerset Blue / Camel Color"), *and after that: the lack of actually finding those same stripes which I prefaced in the above: ... "I ended up doing that which is pictured here" !.

It turns out that after the 'test of time', that original "Somersets" (in like-new "mint shape"), aren't even fetching 2 or 3 K anyway !. (I've watched them / and have seen them here in MI (where most / if not all were built) and after that: no-one seems to be very interested in "whatever it is", for a 78-80 era car anyway ... so there (or "HERE") it is ...

What does everyone think ? o_O "LOL"


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Well, after 41 years + (with this car) / I've decided to again 'revisit' this car and get her out again ... also: I've decided to change with wheels with the T-Type "Vector" spoke style rims / with the Eagle GT tires. What's funny is they are "out" (The Goodyear reproduction tires / and they cannot be purchased) and NONE are available !.

I ordered these back in March and still cannot get them !.

"COVID" ?? (the reason) ... "seriously" ?? !!


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