Keeps Blowing a fuse


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Sep 29, 2003
My car for some reason blows the ac fuse every time I put the defrost on. As long as I run it on heat or vent it is ok. I made the mistake of turning on the defrost tonight, can get cold with no heat. Any ideas? Does the fuse for the AC that controls the blower fan also connect the ac compressor some how? Just thinking that maybe something in the ac compressor is kicking it out.


Does your fuse blow when just using A/C??

BTW, you're the one that got that defrost switch.. was trying to get that off of ebay. :mad:

I unplugged the switch and it did not blow. Noticed that the diode was shorted out against each other. I untwisted the diode and taped the plug up and the problem went away.

Thanks for the input.

My defrost switch is broke. Sorry for taking the bid! I am sure muscle car salvage will have one. Give Mike a shout. He'll give you a fair price. Maybe he price matches like Walmart:D