ECM-SOL fuse blows turning key to key Run


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HAve been chasing down a no power to AC compressor connector condition. found power at the light blue wire at AC cutout relay but none on the pnk/blk wire. found a blown 10A fuse in the ECM-SOL fuse block. Replaced it and checked again, same, find out that that the fuse is blowing as soon as i turn key to run (engine off) position. AC compressor connector is unplugged to eliminate a possible bad clutch assy, still blows. looking at the diagram, not alot on that ckt, any ideas? brake lights work regardless , car seems to have been driving fine, been several years the AC has not worked so that fuse could have been blown for some time. any ideas?

wanted to post up a follow up on this for future peeps with a similar issue. pulled all the relays and disconnected all the solenoids on that ckt, started probing the connectors with my ohmmeter and found a short to ground from the pink with black stripe wire (power) on all the connectors from that wire. Measured the lowest resistance coming from the fan delay socket and started there. put on continuity and started to pull on wires from that harness area, got the continuity annunciator to stop and investigated the area. found the culprit in this big ass screw coming thru the firewall and right into my harness. (see picture below, screw was hidden by the harness that i pulled down for picture). cut about a half inch off the end and taped the wire. no sharp point anymore. replaced the fuse one last time ad all good again. yeah, Ill say it before some smartass says it first, I GOT SCREWED, lol, take care Buick brothers and in case you find yourself with an electrical issue or short it seems like this has happened to others so keep in mind for a first check on a wiring harness electrical issue.


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