kenne bell manifold for sale


anyone interested? ceramic coated $200 OBO plus the ride


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Yet again I have to save you AJ :p. Since my new motor is done I have a spare KB manifild. It is actually on the car now but hopefully not for too long. Let me know if you absolutely have to have it LOL
K-B Intake

Is the intake sold? Would this work for a blow thru app. where hood clearance is not an issue? That would be my only interest in it. Had a crazy idea to blow thru my 81 Riv draw thru engine,but it runs well and has a very different look,with the rear mount/rear fed intake set up.Skidman.
Yea I was gonna use it for a blow thru on a 109 so I didn't have to deal with fuel injection but I had to sell the project
Is that the same one I saw on ebay a few weeks back? I wish I could get it, but I`m moving right now:( and Adam`s B/T Holley is next on my list anyway:biggrin: