Kill by intimidation?

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May 27, 2001
Not sure if this belongs in here or not.
I was out last night at some new sports club. There was a guy that kept bragging to some girls how fast his new Hemi truck is. So natrually after a couple beers I had to strike up a conversation. After asking what he had beat, I told him I had a 6 cylinder Regal that might give him a good run. He natrually laughed and said he would put any amount of money on it and if he lost to a Regal he would sell his truck. One of the girls knows me and my car and got a big smile but kept her mouth shut. I've seen this guy a few times now and everytime he brings up our race.

So last night I was at the same place and went outside for some air. The Hemi guy was there along with some pretty big guys wearing West Coast Choppers shirts and hats. There were a few bikes, one a 750 that supposedly went 9.80s. Natrually, I asked if any of them ever run cars for fun or money. The Hemi guy started laughing and told everyone I had a 6 cylinder Regal. He was trying to make fun of me. That's when one of the Chopper guys looked at me with a grin. He asked what kind of Regal I had and if it happened to be black with a turbo. I laughed and he said he figured it was a Grand National. That's when he told the Hemi guy he had no chance in hell no matter what he does to the truck. The guy just walked inside without saying anything. So much for making me look stupid. I think he realized I had been setting him up all this time. Turns out the Chopper guy had a friend in NY with a very fast GN so he knows all about them. I was trying to delay the race until my car was finished because the stageII car doesn't exactly sound stock and it's on tire but it looks like if he still wants to race he's going to get the stage car.

I highly doubt the guy will race now so I call it a kill.
i think that he will think twice about making fun of our cars again, i would call that a kill too, good one!!!!!
you could have had so much fun (and made some money too) if that guy hadn't said what a gn was.

mines just a little v6 regal, and if someone is smart enough to read the turbo tags, its just a little turbo:D

arent' sleepers great?
I think it's safe to say money is out of the question now. As soon as the stage car pulls in sounding like a cammed bigblock with Hoosiers on the back, I think he's going to think twice about running at all. Too bad mine is taking so long. If it goes down I'll try and get video. I've always wanted to see what a stage car will do to a high 15 second truck lol bully.
Tell him to go sell his HEMI and get an SRT10 Ram. Then he can talk sh*t to alot more people. The Hemi is the equivelent to a GM 6.0 vortec.

Several years ago, I worked a summer job at a local mill. After I blew the doors off one guys camaro, word got around to another "good ole boy" with a small block 350 Chevy Silverado. He wanted to make sure that all I had was a v-six under the hood. He was absolutely certain there was no way in hell I would beat him in a race.....10-12 car lengths later, there was another pissed-off redneck at the mill!;)
LS1 or GNX

Well on rea world experience i would go with the LS1 stock versus a GNX stock.The LS1 makes more power it would be a real close race now i own a we-4 turbo-t its my onle car and has ran a 13.1 @107 on 91 octane 2.3 60ft. a chip,alky (homade) exhaust
street tires and kn.As far as a modded turbo buick vs. a modded LS1 the turbo buicks will walk away from them i have yet to see a stock LS1 camaro run a a low 13 the best i saw was a 13.3 in a magazine article here at the track i see them running 13.4-13.8 stick auto whatever 101-106 trap speeds who in the hell is saying they can run 12's stock no way maybe a stock LS1 corvetee could i have seen that but they have more power and lighter more aerodynamic,or a stock 03 cobra run a high 12 the power is there.Forget all the magazine garbage real world track and real world street racing is the best info.
Originally posted by krom
I would like to race a Stock Hot Air with my Hemi.

I've got a friend with a stock hotair if you're ever in the area. Must be a ringer though because it went 14.6 on a cold night with a good 60'. Boost was at 16psi so I don't know if you consider that stock or not. He's always willing to race for fun.