Kirban 3" Downpipe

I was all set to order either the RJC or TA Performance, then I saw the price on this. It's over $100 less than the others, wonder when they'll get more in stock.
I doubt you could go wrong with any of the 3 vendors mentioned.
Does anyone know who makes the Kirban pipe? Sent them a message but haven't heard back.
You might try the old fashioned, tried & true method, of making a phone call.
They are at Richard CLark's event through the weekend so answering calls may be limited. As for the 02 bung, this is a no no imo for guys that have FAST as the sensor is to be quite a ways more away from turbo, other than that it appears to be a nice piece.
I tried ordering one from kirbans a couple months back, they said they were back orderd and said at least two weeks. I called rjc, and was put on a waiting list..they said a week guaranteed, and a week later the rjc arrived...Mike