Kirban Performance


It's just a V6 Brick.....
Everything I ordered was well packed and shipped fast. They also had a little holiday discount which was cool. Great vendor to deal with!
I'm hoping my care package shows up quickly, I want to drop the new motor onto fresh mounts, and that stretch IC is gonna be sweet too:cool: They were great to deal with on the phone:smile:

Dennis Kirban and his family are just teriffic people. Products are always packed great, safely, and arrives super fast. Over the phone, they take care of ANY problem you may have with anything he sells, and very fast. Dennis always wants to see folks happy dealing with him. A great guy he is. One true car guy. (and old as me:wink:)

Bruce '87 Grand National
Ive bought numerous items from them since i bought my TR:D, AWESOME.. shipping is right on time and packaged very well.. BIG THUMBS UP for them..