Kirban's 3" downpipe


'Stang Stinger
Jun 7, 2003
Anybody using one of these? How's the fit and quality? What kind of performance gains? I'm looking to add one over the winter along with some 50lb msd's and a few other things.
i had one and was not too happy with it. Its a 2 piece set up that requires some cutting and was a PITA to install. I know his pipe is cheaper than most other brands. I ended up selling mine and got a Terry houston instead. If you have the $$$ i would say to go with a one piece set up.
ok. i know it's a 2 piece. what kind of cutting, and where? how long to install? all of that aside though, what kind of performance gains?
I still have mine, thought I wish I didn't. Leaks like crazy. The stock elbow is definately a hinderance also, even if it is ported. Take all of our advice and make your decision. Looks to me like no one likes it. I will admit when I first got mine I had to replace the whole exhaust, and was impressed. Then again at that point I was running a 13.5 and had no idea about these cars. Do it right, and do it once. Save a lot of $$$
Good luck man, Mike
i had the kirbans 3 '' pipe and thought it was garbage.get a good 3'' downpipe and be done with it. terry houston, mease,etc....:D
IMO go with the THDP its pretty expensive but well worth it and will last forever. i havent used any other type but have heard nothing beats the TH.
I also agree. Had one on my first GN. leaked couldn't back up without it hitting frame. Was professionally looked at twice.
No luck

Go with maybe an ATR downpipe if you want stock.
More than likely I'm missimg someone.

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ok,ok. i see the vast majority is that it's crap. not worried so much about cost, just told that with a thdp that the wastegate hole has to be ported for proper boost control. it sounded like a meticulous job, and sometimes i don't have the patience. i got quoted a price that was reasonable to do it, but it's the fact that i like doing all of my own work. i guess it may be one sacrifice to make for a bigger reward! would be worth it not to f@#$ up a just about brand new turbo. anybody got a thdp for sale?!:D