knock noise??


'Stang Stinger
Jun 7, 2003
i just put a new tps in today because i was having a tip in hesitation problem. it seems to have taken care of that problem, but while i was adjusting and checking, i heard a knock sound when giving the throttle a quick blip. it sounded like it was down low. something like what a loose converter bolt or cracked flex plate might sound like. i may have just put myself onto something by typing this. i also recently installed a pat's 10.5 inch 3200 l/u converter. i know the bolts are tight enough, but i have been launching harder, with more boost. possibly cracked the plate. it is a single knock, sounds something like if you would make a fist and knock on wood, like a door or computer desk. any ideas? i was also thinking(but hoping not) a thrust bearing. thanks for any help.
could be a lifter, bent pushrod, bent or cracked rocker shaft or even the belt tensioner. i doubt its a bearing, thats a pretty distinct knock, you know when you hear it.

thnigs to look into

good luck
i don't think it's in the valvetrain. i don't have a miss or performance problem. i'll check the tensioner, though. i've had them make that noise on other cars. thanks for the tip.
You might need a helper to blip the throttle so you can listen closely in the engine compartment. At least you may find what side the noise is on.
found out what it was today while i was installing my pts pan and filter. the torque converter bolts WERE loose. not falling out loose, a little over a 1/4 turn each. one problem solved and another one found. i just saw my melted upper control arm bushing when i had it up in the air. it seems like a never ending battle with this car!!:mad: as they say though, the price for racing!